After Duke Loss, Roddy White Kind Of Pays Out Twitter Bet with Mercer Fan

by Chris Lingebach
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Updated Friday, March 28, 2014 at 10:48 a.m.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) - One unforeseen ramification of Mercer’s bracket-busting upset over Duke on Friday, was Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White having to pay up on an ill-fated Twitter bet with a Bears fan.

On Tuesday, White, an apparent Duke fan apologist rooter-on-er, haphazardly engaged in a bet promising “season tickets” along the 50-yard line in the unlikely event that 3-seed Duke lost to 14-seed Mercer in its NCAA Tournament opener.

Then, almost as if he actually believed his team could do it — like Mercer (who?) could beat Duke — the apparent Mercer fan locked in their gentleman’s agreement.

And then, um, Mercer beat Duke.

Like all Mercer Bears fans you know, this one wasn’t about to forget about his loosely agreed upon, but still well-defined bet with an All-Pro NFL wide receiver.

White immediately fell under siege by thine righteous hand of the internet, calling for him to make good on his end.

White, reluctantly it seems, then partially satisfied the terms of his bet with the [Mercer] Bears fan.

The internet is sooooo great.

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