by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Junkies introduced their overly exuberant personality-d intern — whose birth name is 25 characters and 11 syllables — to their audience on Tuesday, revealing to him on the air they’d been covertly recording him answering the phones.

First, let’s tackle the name issue (when was the last time you read a lead-in like that, without it being about the Redskins?).

Ife, as he’s come to be called, is of Nigerian decent — a heritage from which he draws great pride, and rightly so.

He was asked this morning to pronounce the full, unabbreviated version of his name.

In keeping with the dramatic sequence in which this occurred on the air, you can listen to his name unveiled in three parts, here:

[tweet width=”420″]

There’s one other quality Ife possesses worth mentioning. His effervescent personality and how he emotes to callers he’s screening for the Junkies.

Radio interns interjecting their personal opinions into phone calls they’re supposed to be screening — objectively and without comment — for the radio show for which they’re interning is an act as storied as the relationship between radio and interns.

Their love for sports is what initially draws them to the internship; they’re not accustomed to having an outlet to express their opinions; and suddenly, they have an outlet to express their opinions. I get it. I’ve even been there.

Ife is just the latest on a long laundry list of interns who have fallen prey to the temptation — his name just happens to be the longest on that list.

Here’s a sample of Ife answering the phones at the height of NFL free agency last week:

“Thanks for calling the Junkies! Hey, watzup man? Alright, who do you think we should sign? I think the Redskins are trying, but the thing is, it’s just like last year. We are offering a deal, the Pats are offering a deal, but according to the sources, the Pats are offering more. Yea. Just like last year. Exactly, like if we don’t get Talib, it’s not going to be the end of the world like it was last year.”

Don’t ever let ’em change you, Ifeanyichukwu Henry Uzoukwu.

The segment was absolutely hysterical. Listen in full below.

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