by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Capitals star Alex Ovechkin made his NCAA tournament picks Monday night, with the help and gentle prompting of Caps writer Mike Vogel.

The full 8-minute, 30-second video features Ovi in front of an empty tournament bracket, which he fills out using less-than-analytical logic, like selecting North Carolina to win over Providence, because his fiancé Maria Kirilenko is scheduled to play in a tennis tournament in North Carolina.

Here are some of Ovi’s selections:

6 Ohio State vs. 11 Dayton:

Ovi: I heard the girls there is pretty cool, huh?

Vogel: In Ohio State? Who told you that? Dave Steckel?

Ovi: Yea. Ohio.

His selection: Ohio State, abbreviated with “OS”

7 New Mexico vs. 10 Stanford:

Ovi: New Mexico-Stanford. Burritos or Stanford?

Vogel: Smart guys. Smart guys versus burritos.

Ovi: Burritos most hard-working guys in the whole world.

His selection: New Mexico

1 Virginia vs. 16 Coastal Carolina:

His selection: Virginia, abbreviated by “VIR”

8 Memphis vs. 9 George Washington:

Ovi: Memphis-George Washington? You know the answer, huh?

Vogel: I think you kind of have to take George Washington. He was the father of our country.

His selection: George Washington

6 North Carolina vs. 11 Providence:

Ovi: Well, Maria gonna have a tournament in North Carolina. So let’s do this one.

His selection: North Carolina

3 Iowa State vs. 14 NC Central:

His selection: Iowa State (he apparently read the I in Iowa as a lowercase l, denoting his predicted winner as “LS” rather than “IS”)

4 San Diego State vs. 13 New Mexico State:

Ovi: San Diego-New Mexico. Again Mexicans. So let’s do San Diego then.

His selection: San Diego State

Watch the full video below [via Monumental Network]:


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