by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

LANHURTING, Md. (CBSDC) – It’s hysterical when the Junkies go into plug mode.

It always starts the same way, with one either mentioning some charity they’d like to give attention dollars to, or thanking someone for performing some service, and then the snowball just keeps rolling.

Then, just like that, another picks up on the cue like, ‘Oh, I guess it’s time to mention that thing.’

It’s like a more shameless Thanksgiving, and I love it.

The latest instance came bright and early Tuesday morning, when EB mentioned some charity football thing [the Baltimore Warbirds are taking on the D.C. Generals], quickly followed by Lurch thanking another guy (with a really Italian name) for hooking up his daughter’s softball team up with funding.

“Well, while you’re mentioning them, I gotta thank, again, my buddy Vince Carbone and Joe Becker,” Lurch said. “Vince Carbone owns some Subways in Ashburn.”

It’s through no fault of the subject being mentioned. All they did was existed in their own universe, and did something to impress the right radio host to the point of meriting a mention.

Hey, attention dollars.

Everybody wants ’em.

Listen below as the layers unfold. It’s hysterical.

It took exactly 7 minutes and 39 seconds for them to actually get to the intended subject matter in the segment.

Note to EB: Don’t get lick; it’s just funny.

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