by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With so many boots on the ground in Viera, Fla., the employees of 106.7 The Fan have pooled together to churn out an endless cycle of high-value, original spring training content.

Much of it has been visual. And visual works on the internet.

First, there was Bryce Harper’s bricked out sculpture of a body, armed with an arsenal of Girl Scout cookies.

Then, there was Adam LaRoche addressing his fiery red beard as its own entity, and promptly conceding his plans — or lack-thereof — to shave it this season.

Last night, delivered to us was a frame-by-frame look at Harper stroking his first home run of the spring.

But this latest offering … THIS photo, shot by Eric Bickel, somehow, someway, holds the secret to the universe.

Yes, this is a still image. But don’t overlook that time may have actually stopped inside it.

This shot of Jayson Werth and his long-flowing hair, billowing in the calm Florida breeze stands to reason there is divine force in motion, and all of life projects outward from him.

It lures you in with the presence Werth commands; the raw and effusive fearlessness that, you know, is surging through his bones as he stalks forward from Point A to Point B, with purpose — every step deliberate and without waver.

You’re intimidated gripped with fear, of what mystery lies behind those glasses, and yet, you cannot look away – evocative of both fear and love, in perfect symbolism of the duality that is Jayson Werth.

He is beauty and he is pain.

The sight is so majestic, it cleared the stadium.

Submit to Jayson. Submit to his power.

Bow down to him.

Submit. And bow down.

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