by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Gio Gonzalez was asked to answer some rapid fire superlative-themed questions, in an interview with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier for 106.7 The Fan on Friday.

The topics posed to Gio ranged from favorite elite NFL quarterback and Hollywood actor, to who he would ensure was by his side in a hypothetical bar fight.

Here were his responses:

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady: Tom Brady

“I’m a huge fan of Peyton Manning, but Tom Brady. C’mon man, he’s got three titles.”

Hmm. Ryan Zimmerman would agree.

Favorite actor: Robert Downey, Jr.

Weirdest superstition: Getting his hair cut every five days

“I’m trying to change it up this time.  I’m trying to grow it out. I’m trying to get that look. I don’t know, the long hair. Women dig the longer hair, so I’m trying to grow it out. I don’t think I want to go with a mullet, I think I want to just get a little flow; you know what I’m saying? Just a nice little flow going.”

Which teammate would you have with you in a bar fight: Jayson Werth or Adam LaRoche

“One of those two guys. And LaRoche is a very, very, very nice guy, but I think he would be the one to diffuse the situation. I can see him almost leaning back, grabbing me, throwing me in the pile, and then saying, ‘Hey listen guys, you want to take your frustration out on him, but let’s think this through.'”

“I think Jayson would go out there and, I guess, line ’em up, knock ’em down. I think that’s just one punch … layout.”

Other important notes:

  • he doesn’t shave his own beard because he “cannot line it up.”
  • asked why so many pitchers shave their arms, Gio  said, “I don’t know. I think they just want to show the nice definition of the forearms.”
  • Gio really appreciates Danny Rouhier’s impression of Matthew McConaughey: “Jesus. You do a great impression of him.”

Listen to the full interview in the audio clip at the top of the post.



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