by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSC) – The Junkies had a once-in-a-blue-moon segment discussing the different derivations of Junkies lingo on Tuesday.

These segments are always damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Essentially, every time the Junkies discuss show lingo for a period greater than ten minutes, they run the risk of half their listening audience tuning out.

Although, for those who don’t — particularly the P1s (if you don’t know what a P1 is, you stopped reading after the first sentence) — it’s Junkies heaven. They’re just sitting in their cars driving to work, going, ‘God, why can’t every segment be like this?'”

Despite what commenters on the Junkies Facebook page would have you believe (see photo below), the word “cised” has been intentionally mispronounced as “sized” repeatedly as of late. Hey, the world is changing. Get used to it.

There’s this weird thing that happens behind the scenes at The Fan, in which everyone tries to take credit for coining the derivation of the spinoff of a word the Junkies took credit for coining 16 years ago (I’m guilty of this too).

In keeping with that theme, coining “sized” can actually be directly attributed to one Othello Bouchareb — former Lavar & Dukes producer and one half of now-defunct weekend radio show nobody cared about, the “C and O Show.”

[tweet width=”420″]

Notice the date in the tweet above.  For some reason it just took like three years for “sized” to make its way onto the airwaves with any sort of consistency.

Bottom line is, time fades and things that mattered never will again.

After awhile, everyone forgets who coined every variation of every term, because it doesn’t really matter in the slightest who thought to mutate a word that doesn’t really actually exist, hence eternally altering its pointless fate forever.

Getting back to the point, talking about the derivation of “sized” on the show this morning led the Junkies to inevitably having to explain the derivation of the word “cised” which led them to talking about the derivation of other words commonly used on the show — more specifically: Rick, donk, donkey, hurting, HAIRKTING, silly, monkey tilt monkey stilts.

“Sometimes it’s good to explain it,” JP told me exclusively off the air.

If you fancy yourself a show historian, you’ll love every second of this 12-minute-and-forty-three-second segment, which also features a great call-in from Jon from Mechanicsville.

You’ll get cised because it was silly.

Also if someone could take a crack at spelling “uhhhlllllllick.”

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