by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Wednesday was a banner day for Ram (pronounced Rom) and perhaps the high-water mark for Ram-mentions.

First he found a loophole to call into the show.

The guys were talking to that donk whose girl left him over his small dong, but didn’t get to ask him everything they wanted, I suppose, so they turned to another certified member of the small dong club to complete their questioning.

I’m not quite sure what they were referencing here, but from what I gather, it’s something to do with him talking about his small thingy on the radio.

“There’s two reasons I did it with you guys,” Ram said. “One is the obvious, and you kind of alluded to it, but I mean when people get paid, there’s different types of currency, and one of them is ‘attention dollars.’ So for me, yea, it was attention dollars.”

“So you’ll take any attention, even if that means admitting the most negative thing about yourself, possibly?” EB asked.

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Ram: Well you guys sleep on attention dollars. I mean there is no such thing as negative or positive.

EB: What if you had an STD. Would you admit to everyone that you were walking around with an STD?

Ram: You maximize whatever you have in your life to get attention dollars.

I had an embarrassing moment when I first moved to my apartment, my mom comes out of the bathroom and asks me why do I have a ruler in there?

It’s been a lifelong problem for me. I’ve done the research – where you measure from and things like that.

Listen to his call-in here:

Little did we know, that was only his preamble.

Later in the afternoon, Ram made an appearance on Fox News.

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Wait. WHAT?!

You read that correctly.

It appears while he was wandering the streets of D.C. looking for a hotdog vendor or something (near his office he’s always late getting to because he’s busy listening to Junkies podcasts) Fox News happened to be on the same corner collecting man-on-the-street testimonials, for an Obamacare package, from real human beings .. and then Ram.

The story’s focus?

A provision in the Affordable Care Act and how it’s affecting the food industry. It seems restaurants have to clearly display the calorie counts of every item on its menu, a standard which has been particularly strenuous for Domino’s Pizza to live up to, considering they have 34 million possible pizza combinations.

“I’m still gonna eat unhealthy like I have been,” Ram said ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. “I’m gonna try to change that soon, but it’s not gonna be because I see the calorie intake.”

Wouldn’t you know, Ram even worked in a mention of that Ramformation (where he quits smoking and loses weight), which seems to have an eternal shelf life.

Killing it on the Junkies one minute. Earning attention dollars on national television the next.


[Full Video at Fox News]

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