by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Kirk Cousins seems to be at the forefront of the Redskins offseason storylines, as he’s publicly asserted his openness to being traded on numerous occasions.

The Redskins themselves have said Cousins was available for trade, but not for anything less than a 2nd-round pick — which they later retracted in the early stages of the NFL combine.

Analysts vary on how much Cousins is currently worth, with almost all noting losses in the Redskins final three games of the 2013 season, with Cousins at the helm, as having significantly lowered his trade value.

Peter King is of the mind to think Cousins could still be worth a 1st-round pick, so long as it’s a pick in a future draft.

Jason La Canfora, who was right on Mike Shanahan, was right on Fred Davis, and for all we know, may have even been right on Kyle Shanahan being more involved in the Redskins coaching decisions than his pay grade would typically allow, thinks Cousins may not warrant anything better than a 3rd-round pick right now.

“He looked like a young quarterback, certainly a young quarterback with promise,” La Canfora said of Cousins’ 2013 performance, in an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Wednesday.

“But [Mike] Shanahan’s statement about a 1st-round pick for him, or whatever, that’s ludicrous,” he said. “And I don’t think they could get a 2nd-round pick for him either. I’m not sure they could get a 3rd, to be honest with you.”

La Canfora Assaults Mike Shanahan Regime

“But are you able to get a 4th that moves up, based on performance or something like that, and is that worth it to you?” La Canfora pondered.

“At a certain period in this offseason, based on how [Robert] Griffin’s coming along with Jay Gruden’s system, and based on some of your other needs and what you are and aren’t able to address in free agency, and then some outstanding holes on your roster after that, it could be a deal that gets done right around the draft,” he said. “There’s plenty of time for something to materialize for him, and again, there is some interest, but until we see how the free agent market shakes out, and probably even how the draft market starts shaking out a little bit, I’m not sure that there would be something on the table for him that makes sense for the Redskins to do.”

Also noted by La Canfora was the Redskins rescinding their initial statement that Cousins was available through trade.

“The idea that the Redskins wouldn’t trade him is bologna,” he said. “C’mon, Wayne Gretzky got traded in his prime.”

“He’s very much available at the right price, as are 99 percent of the players in the league. It just depends on if somebody comes to them with an offer, that they feel like there’s value there and that they need to move forward, and it makes sense for them.”

“He feels like he can start, and people close to him believe there is a market of teams that would be interested in having him as their starter,” La Canfora noted earlier.


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