Jury Recommends 3 Months in Jail for Fairfax Man in Road-Rage Death

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FAIRFAX, Va. — A jury has recommended a three-month jail sentence for a Fairfax man convicted of misdemeanor assault in a road-rage incident that led to another man’s death.

Fifty-eight-year-old Librado Cena admitted following 63-year-old William O’Brien of Fairfax into a parking lot after saying that O’Brien had been incessantly honking at him on Pickett Road.

A security camera captured the 30-second scuffle, but it was difficult to determine who threw the first punch. Cena said O’Brien was the aggressor.

A few hours later, O’Brien collapsed, and died 10 days later from a brain injury. According to testimony, blood-thinning medication taken by O’Brien made the blow he suffered more serious.

Cena will be formally sentenced in May following the jury’s recommendation Wednesday. A judge can reduce the sentence, but not increase it.

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