by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With two episodes remaining, HBO’s “True Detective” has the nation enthralled, trying to unravel the deep, seedy mystery of the Yellow King and Carcosa in Louisiana.

Inside the walls of 106.7 The Fan, there’s a bit of a mystery of our own going on, as we all try to wrap our heads around how Danny Rouhier, who up until three days ago hadn’t seen so much as a single episode, suddenly has the perfect, tightly bound “theory” cracking the code to this murder mystery thriller.

He unveiled that theory, after days of buildup, on the air on Wednesday, and he certainly sounds convincing, as if he’s sat in the corner of his bedroom for hours meticulously deconstructing the drama and putting it back together, piece-by-piece, as he mapped out his belief as to the answers to the show’s many questions.

Danny sounds convincing when he says he hasn’t read any spoilers or conspiracy theories on the internet, to help supplement his own theory.

But just like True Detective’s main character, Rust Cohle, it sure seems more than coincidental with him repeatedly being photographed at the scene of the crime.

I point you to Exhibit A: a piece chronicling the history of Carcosa, which appeared in literary works long before True Detective ever aired.

Weird, almost, how Danny’s theory envisions Carcosa as more a concept than an actual, physical place.

If I didn’t know him better, after reading that, I’d almost think he had as well.

There are plenty of other theories you can read, I’m sure, which would curiously mirror Danny’s.

Listen to Danny’s “theory” in the clip above. It really is well-thought-out. It would have been even better if he had come up with in on his own.

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