by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With the Winter Olympics having now come to a close in Sochi, Russia, we have to say goodbye not only to the most unorganized collection of international games in recent history, but also to a regular Grant and Danny segment born out of such chaos.

Tuesday was a bittersweet afternoon on 106.7 The Fan, to say the least.

We had to part with Sochi Wackies — the recurring segment aimed at poking fun of Russia’s inability to make it through one calendar day, while hosting the games, without having some buffoonish mishap taking place, pronouncing the country’s poor preparation for the games to be viewed all around the world.

Sure, it relished in the misfortune of a country which proved to very closely resemble one of the third world, but #SochiWackies was more about injecting some levity into a two-plus week period of time, which could grow a little stale at times.

Sochi Wackies spawned almost organically, really, before the games had officially even begun.

As reporters from around the world arrived in Russia and began checking into their respective hotel rooms, one startling realization quickly became apparent as they touched base with their home countries via Twitter: Russia wasn’t ready.

When something was noticeably off with the living quarters of seemingly all charged with reporting on the games to the ENTIRE WORLD, you best believe word traveled fast. Even before the Opening Ceremony, the Sochi Games had become a punchline for planet Earth.

These embarrassing moments, unfortunately for Russia, wouldn’t let up until the very end, as we would learn, when Russia had the self-deprecating awareness to have the final laugh at its own expense — pointing, in the Closing Ceremony, at its own gaffe, when the fifth Olympic ring failed to light in a florescent display during the Opening Ceremony.

Now, one-by-one, you can relive each Sochi Wacky in the audio clips below:

Note to reader: Not all segments were directly mocking of Russia — only the overwhelming majority.

Feb. 5: The Hotel Rooms Aren’t Ready

Feb. 7: The 5th Ring Fails to Open in Opening Ceremony

Feb. 10: Toilet Paper Can’t be Flushed Down Toilets

Feb. 11: Sochi Claims Bob Costas’ Eye Health; Bobsledder Trapped in Bathroom/Elevator

Feb. 12: Beer Fridge Only Opens for Canadians; Reporters Charged Literally Per Bed

Feb. 13: Sochi Ran Out of Pillows; Olympians Hook Up w/ Tinder App

Feb. 18: Saving Sochi Puppies; Sochi Admits the Obvious: They Weren’t Ready

Feb. 24: Sochi Screws Backstrom Out of Gold Medal Game Over Cold Medicine

Feb. 25: Long-Distance Skiers Get One Over on Sochi, Buy Their Way Into Competition


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