Can The NFL Effectively Crackdown On N-Word?

NFL owners are considering a rule that would outlaw use of the “n-word” among players during games.

Under the proposal from the Fritz Pollard Alliance, a player would receive a 15-yard personal foul penalty if caught using the word by officials. A second offense would result in an automatic ejection.

The problem as many see it, however, is that the penalty will be virtually impossible to enforce.

“I just don’t know how the NFL is going to police that,” EB said Monday on the Junkies. “I can only imagine that the word is probably used 7 million times per game amongst guys.”

Enforcement will be a major issue with 22 players on the field at a given time and 31 others on the sideline.

“Are you going to mic up every player?,” Cakes wondered.

It’s hard to imaging the league levying penalties for usage after the fact.

What do you think? Can the NFL really enforce this penalty?

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