by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – If the NBA playoff started today, with a 26-28 record, the Washington Wizards would be in as the 5th seed.

Only three games would separate them from the 3rd-seeded Raptors, and an even smaller margin of one game would separate them from the eighth-seeded Bobcats.

But the playoffs do not start today. The Wizards still have 28 games to close out and make the playoffs for the first time in six seasons, and in that time, John Wall says his team’s goal is to close the gap between them and Toronto, and shoot for that third seed.

“Our goal is to get the third seed,” Wall told 106.7 The Fan’ s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Friday.

“We know what we can do with our team, and like these last 28 games if we play the right way,” he said. “I know people get tired of hearing that, we get tired of hearing it, but that’s just something we have to do. Like, we know we can only play one way to be consistent and be good in this league.

“We don’t have an individual player that can lead us to a championship or anything by himself. So that’s the main thing, is playing as a team and if we do that, we feel like we’ll beat anybody. But, yea, you definitely know in the Eastern Conference you don’t want to be a 7 or 8 seed and see those two teams.”

Those two teams Wall was referring to are 1st- and 2nd-ranked Indiana and Miami, who boast 41-13 and 39-14 records, respectively.

Currently standing between the Wizards and the third-seeded Raptors is Chicago.

They’re also only three consecutive losses from standing outside the playoffs looking in.

Suddenly 28 games feels like a lifetime.


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