by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Nothing tops off a busy work week like a Pepsi Party.

A Pepsi Party typically occurs in corporate office buildings, when “everyone” gathers for food and drinks in the large conference room down the hall, but somehow “forgot” to invite you us so we steal their sodas, only for them to learn it was us who stole them hours later on their drive home.

Here’s how it works.

You wrangle up a bunch of stolen conference room-Pepsis, and you drink ’em.

Such a process is further beneficial if you can find a room full of microphones, so all your co-workers can hear you drinking their Pepsi through their car speakers.

If you missed it and you’re still confused, listen in the clip above. It’s seriously a lot of fun.

While you listen, scroll through some of these amazing tweets capturing the essence of #PepsiParty1067.

(must be great to enjoy food and drink gatherings and leave work at 5:30 every day)




Even Bob stopped by!

Even Redskins like Pepsi Parties!

The beauty of a Pepsi Party is, you can play along at home. Or in your car. Or in a dumpster somewhere, while you contemplate why she left you for “newer opportunities” four and a half years ago.

It’ll come to you.

Now ya’ get it.


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