by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – The Junkies received a very special call on Friday – they were joined by Reggie, former love interest to Peggy, Lurch’s mom, a guy who’s been mentioned countless times on the show through the years, oftentimes in jest.

Reggie is almost a thing of Junkies folklore, and anyone who’s been listening to the show for years knows exactly what I mean, so him calling in perhaps brings a shade of reality to someone who’s long felt more like a myth.

As Lurch explained, his mother met Reggie, a former secret service agent, when the two were working at the White House during the Reagan administration, although, the extent of their relationship was always a bit hazy.

Let’s see if his call served to clear any of the up:

“You had called the show a few years back, correct?” Lurch asked.

“Yea, you know what happened is, when you guys were talking about that way back then, somebody that I used to work with – even though you didn’t say the last name – they listened to it, they knew, and they called me.”

“Can you give these guys a little idea of what the friendship was like with my mom?” Lurch asked.

[Valdez giggling]

“You make a lot of friends when you work at the White House,” Reggie said. “You travel with the staff. You’re part of a team, so you get to know each other, and his mom was a wonderful lady. Great person.”

So no. Still just as hazy.

Reggie has a lot of high-profile friends apparently, and Lurch recounted one particular account when he and his mother flew out to Los Angeles to meet up with Reggie, and during their stay, Lurch was treated to accompany him to a visit to his friend’s house. His friend is Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen.

Reggie also enlightened the Junks about his a trip he made long ago to the home of OJ Simpson, white Bronco in front and all.

And he even joaned a little, when asked to tell one memory he has of Jason.

“What was that movie, White Men Can’t Jump?” Reggie laughed before ending his call on a pleasant note. “[Jason] found the right profession, I think, and I’m really proud of him. You’re doing a great job, buddy, so just keep doing what you’re doing and give your mom my best.”

All in all, Reggie’s phone call was a delightful surprise, and a segment to which serious Junks fans with truly enjoy listening.

[Also Lurch dropped a bombshell about his wife on the show yesterday — read about/listen to that here]

Listen to the segment in the audio clip above.


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