Updated: 10:47 a.m. Feb. 14, 2014
Posted: 6:21 p.m. Feb. 13, 2014

COLUMBIA, Md. — Two men in Howard County have died after suffering medical emergencies while shoveling snow, and a third died when he collapsed outside in the snow.

Marc Fisher, a spokesman for Howard County Fire and Rescue, says authorities are waiting until cause of death is confirmed by the Officer of the Chief Medical Examiner before declaring any of the deaths to be weather-related.

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Richard Lee Tucker, 56, of Woodstock, and 61-year-old Kenneth Charles Frame, of Columbia, each collapsed while shoveling snow, which accumulated more than a foot throughout Howard County Thursday. Both men were taken to Howard County General Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

A third man, a 57-year-old James William Wells, of Columbia, collapsed and died while outside Thursday morning, but Fisher said it is unclear whether he had been shoveling snow.

In a statement Thursday, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman urged residents to help neighbors with shoveling if they need it.

“This is deep, heavy snow, and I implore everyone to take it easy. Please don’t over-exert yourself. Clear a little at a time. Or ask a neighbor to help,” he said.

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