Study: 1 Out Of 8 Americans Eats Pizza On Any Given Day

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(Photo credit Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images)

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WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – According to a new study, roughly one out of eight Americans eats pizza on any given day.

The study, conducted by the Food Surveys Research Group, helps to demonstrate how unhealthy some Americans’ eating habits are.

Between 2007 and 2010 researchers analyzed the consumption habits of American children and adults and found that a 15 percent of males and 11 percent of females consumed pizza on any given day.

White adults were more likely to consume pizza than either blacks or Hispanics, but there was no difference by race or ethnicity for children.  Adults ate the majority of pizza during dinner while children ate pizza at almost equal percentages for lunch and dinner.

Researchers also found that children aged 2 to 19 are almost twice as likely to consume pizza than adults aged 20 years and older.

In terms of a dietary outlook, pizza provided about one-third of the day’s total intake for calcium and almost 40 percent of daily sodium intake among adult consumers.  It also contains fiber, potassium and lycopene which is a carotenoid found in tomatoes and other vegetables.


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