We’ve Re-Named the Storm (Let Everyone Know): It’s … ‘The Big Snow’

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With the Washington, D.C. area predicted to be blanketed by 6 to 12 inches of snow in the next 24 hours (or snow), it’s only fitting to coin a punny nickname for this storm, before the mainstream media (us) coins a punny nickname for this storm.

In recent history, for instance, we’ve had Snowmageddon — as you’ll remember when every road iced into a parking lot, locking everyone in place for hours of torture in the confined space of their cars — and more recently, last year, was the Snowquester.

Oh, D.C. You’re so punny.

Chad Dukes threw the challenge out to his callers on 106.7  1SNOW67  The Fan’s “Chad Dukes vs. The World” on Wednesday, imploring them to call in with their best storm names. The challenge was also posed to the Twittersphere, with retweets going to the absolute best/worst replies (using #CDvTW).

This contest, which awards no prizes and basks in the jocularity of bad puns, for better or worse … is Washington, D.C.

You snow it’s true.

The people have spoken:

“It’s The Big Snow!”

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