by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Wizards held a media dunk contest on the Verizon Center practice court on Tuesday — in honor of John Wall’s upcoming participation in the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest — and about a hundred representatives from 106.7 The Fan showed up.

Media members from other outlets were there too, there was just an inordinate amount of people from The Fan.

This isn’t Wall’s first rodeo in judging the media fall all over themselves to learn how to jump on a trampoline, as they attempt and fail to mimic the athletic prowess of the very players they cover on a daily basis.

Photos: The Junkies in Wiz Media Dunk Contest

Also prior to the dunk contest was a three-point shootout, of which our own Sky Kerstein was the victor, and in whose parent event — the 2014 NBA 3-point Contest — Wizards’ Bradley Beal will be participating.

The last time the Wizards held such an event was three years ago, when then-Wizard JaVale McGee was named Washington’s representative in the NBA Dunk Contest. That, fortunately, bred this iconic picture.

Our friends over at Hoop District had the novel idea of capturing 2014’s calamity on camera, by way of Vine videos.

Here are the dunk attempts of Drab, Valdez, Cakes, JP, Ajay A-tire-ee and weekend host Kevin Shafer:

To add some personal perspective, Cakes and I competed in this event in 2011. It’s not easy.

In fact, propelling yourself off a trampoline towards a hoop is quite difficult.

Fortunately though, JP knew how to do it just fine, without ever having done it previously, because he watched G-Wiz do it once at a Wizards game, as he said on 106.7 The Fan on Monday, in a two-minute explanation of how Cakes could have properly executed a dunk off the trampoline three years ago.

From the Junkies (prior to the event):

“I think I know the key, though,” JP said on Monday. “The key is, the guy going up to the trampoline – whether it’s G-Wiz, another mascot, whatever – they pretty much run full speed. It’s almost like a spring before they hit that trampoline. What I’m gonna guess is, when Cakes did it, you’ve never done it. You’re having to  basically jump to the trampoline, which then you jump to the rim off the trampoline. You’re not gonna run full speed because you’re afraid you’re gonna miss and hit the netting, so the only way you really are gonna have a shot to bounce off the trampoline high enough and far enough, to actually execute a dunk is, you have to go for it. You’ve got to go full speed and jump, but if you’ve never done it before, you’re not gonna go full speed.

“Cakes tried it, where even with the trampoline, he couldn’t get to the rim.”

Thanks. All of that said, let me direct you back to the following footage from Tuesday’s event:

Congrats are in order to Kevin Shafer and Sky Kerstein, for the winning the dunk contest and the preceding three-point contest.

Follow along the madness @1067thefandc.


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