CHESAPEAKE, Va. (CBS DC) – A dog whose jaw was frozen to the road after being hit by a car was euthanized despite volunteers setting up a fund to save the dog.

The pit bull named Ozzy was found Friday night near the Gilmerton Bridge with a broken leg and pelvis.  Lauren Sanders, who already adopted two pit bulls, wanted to make Ozzy her third after seeing him as she volunteered at Chesapeake Animal Services.

“I saw him yesterday and he had scooted himself across the floor, gobbled up treats, tail wagging; that leads me to believe he wasn’t dead,” Sanders said to WTKR. “He still had fight in him.”

Ozzy made a turn for the worse and surgery would not have helped the situation, WTKR reported.

Sanders takes photos of dogs that can be adopted from Chesapeake Animal Services and posts them to Facebook.  She took a photo of Ozzy and the response to help the dog from users was overwhelming.

A vet was ready to perform the surgery at a discounted rate and a donation fund was established to help pay for the surgery.

“The next day, I went into the shelter and they told me I absolutely should not have posted his picture at all because no one wants a broken dog,” Sanders said.

Chesapeake Animal Services euthanized Ozzy, killing him less than a week after being rescued.

“Technically, his stray hold wasn’t up until tomorrow. So if his owner was out there, they could have come in today and asked to see their dog and their dog would have been in a black trash bag in the back,” Sanders said.


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