by Chris Lingebach

Grant Eats First Taco; Doesn’t Wait for Camera from Chris Lingebach on Vimeo.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Grant Paulsen, 25 — co-host to Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan’s “Grant and Danny” — had never tried a taco prior to Thursday.

It would have been more forgivable had he not allowed his ignorance to run roughshod, and scoffed at the notion of lumping meat and cheese together inside a crispy shell — which, let’s be clear, he has.

Well thanks to a delivery from NoPa Kitchen + Bar — located on the corner of 8th and F streets in Northwest — Grant can no longer claim himself to be a taco virgin.

“I just did something I enjoyed so much, I’m doing it again right now,” Paulsen said after eating his first taco on Thursday.

“This is amazing. It’s so good,” he added.

Grant was so overcome with emotion and the euphoria typically associated with first biting into a taco, he could barely find words.

“Tell everyone everything that’s in here,” he said to Danny.

“Taco. Pork belly, little bit of onion,” Danny said.

“So literally, all I’m eating is basically like some pork, which I love, a little bit of onion, which is great, and just basically like hard bread or something,” Grant began to digest the concept of the taco. “But all three of those things are fine to me.”

“No one’s disputing that,” Danny said. “You’re acting like we’ve said something different to you. A taco is what you make it.”

Here’s some more taco talk, and Grant admitting he’s been wrong about tacos all along:

Grant:  When I think of a taco, like the reason I’ve never eaten it, I’m scared of it.

Danny: What’s your impression of a taco?

Grant: It’s got like the green sauce. The green guacamole or whatever.

Danny: Some do. Some don’t.

Grant: The white cheese.

Danny: Sour cream.

Grant: All kinds of stuff like that.

Danny: So you don’t like cheese on top of your tacos?

Grant: I don’t like like Mexican food … Mexiacannie foodie things.

Danny: But here’s the thing: Ya do, and ya just don’t know it.

Grant: This taco is amazing. I should have been eating these for years.


That sounds like an apology.

Fortunately, we were able to encounter the rare non-taco-eating species on camera in its natural habitat, so we have proof when the rest of the village tells us we’re crazy for thinking he exists.


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