by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Alex Ovechkin, viewed as the face of the Sochi Olympic Games by many from the Russian perspective, defended his home country to media members on Thursday regarding troubles with living quarters clouding the media’s first impressions of the country.

Twitter was overtaken Wednesday as reporters from across the world checked into their hotel rooms in Sochi, immediately publicly logging problems with their arrangements — ranging from not having properly locking doors to malfunctioning water supplies.

For some, their rooms weren’t immediately made available, and for the games which naturally attract global attention, it’s perhaps bad luck to have had the worst first impressions befall those charged with reporting their findings in Russia to the rest of the world.

“I’ve been in three Olympic Games,” Ovechkin said. “I remember Torino and Vancouver, and nobody said something bad about Vancouver or Torino. Why are you guys always saying something, trying to find some bad things in Sochi?”

“Sometimes it’s just funny to see how people try to find, ‘Oh, they have lights in the toilets, or they have bathroom in toilet.’” he said. “It’s the Olympics, guys, c’mon. Like everybody wants to enjoy it, and don’t find bad stuff out there. [Sic]Everything in Torino was really construction, and nobody said anything about that.

“Of course the world’s changing now, and everybody’s focusing in on different stuff – political stuff – just something.”

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