by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – EB recently spent some time with Mrs. B, a meeting during which she informed him he’s stinky.

Honestly, this conversation was weirdly funny, so I wanted to share a passage from it.

I’m not certain it will come through in the text, but I can say as I was transcribing the words, I found myself laughing more and more each time Lurch said, “smelly” or, “you’re a smelly guy.”

EB: This is what my mother said to me, she said, ‘Sometimes I think your skin stinks.’

Lurch: Oh really?

EB: I said, WHAT?! And by the way, my mom can’t smell anything.

Lurch: So when would she smell your skin? When she gives you a hug or a kiss?

EB: I have no idea. I objected to it. I was offended by it.

Lurch: She called you smelly.

EB: She called me smelly!

Lurch: You’re a smelly guy.

EB: She said, ‘Sometimes I think your skin smells.’

Lurch: We have a different nickname now for Bickel.

EB: Listen. Listen. My wife disagreed with her. I mean, nobody that I know around me agreed with her, but she had this perception, so then, I started buying cologne!

Valdez: Cakes, sniff EB real quick. See if he smells.

Cakes: Alright, what part should I sniff? His hand?

EB: I mean, where does my mom even sniff me?

Cakes: It doesn’t smell bad. His hand doesn’t smell bad. Now, other body parts might.

Lurch: Oh, I guarantee you they do.

EB: My mother basically thinks my skin chemistry is hurting.

Lurch: You’re a smelly guy.

Lurch: The smelly, gray-haired monster.

EB would go on to admit, “you could fart in her face, and I don’t know if she’d smell it.”


Full segment below.


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