LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring held a special dance Tuesday, rewarding students who have stellar grades with a pizza party and leaving others out.

WNEW’s Cameron Thompson reports that only students with straight As were invited to enjoy pizza, and those with Bs and Cs were allowed to join in the party once the pizza was gone. Anyone with worse marks could not attend at all.

Cameron spoke with parents, who had mixed opinions about the party, after school.

One mother whose daughter gets straight As said she’s “happy that the school is recognizing hard work and accomplishment.”

A dad who noted that his child is not at the top of the class said rewarding students with the best grades is “consistent with what we try to tell him at home.”

“… if he wants to get good grades he can go to these sorts of things,” he said.

Another parent said he supports incentives for students to do well but doubts that rewarding them with a party or pizza is actually a good motivator.

A county school official says that it’s up to individual schools to choose how they recognize achievement, and that the party is an acceptable form of doing so.

WNEW’s Cameron Thompson contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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