by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – 106.7 The Fan show host and lifelong Wizards/Bullets fan, Danny Rouhier, who fancies himself a basketball aficionado, got the opportunity of a lifetime to call Monday night’s game alongside team radio announcers Glenn Consor and Dave Johnson.

There’s some history here, as Rouhier, also a standup comedian, has ruffled Consor’s feathers doing impressions of the New Yorker’s post-game broadcasts, live on his own midday show in the past.

So Consor decided to exact some revenge, after inviting Rouhier to participate in the in-game broadcast as the Wiz took on the Trailblazers at Verizon Center – which Washington would win 100-90, to move one game above .500 – after which, Consor would pepper Rouhier with basketball trivia.

Rouhier was able to exercise his broadcasting range, seamlessly blending himself into the broadcast, without standing out. This is a compliment to Rouhier, as sounding as though he’s supposed to be there (as opposed to sticking out and drawing attention away from the game), demonstrates his flexibility.

That range was on full  display — comedic timing, basketball acumen and sense for the moment, alike — as Rouhier seemed to be embraced wholeheartedly by Consor and Johnson throughout the in-game and post-game portions of the broadcast.

Here’s a sampling:

Basketball analysis:

“And with 24 seconds left here in the first half, John Wall trying to give the Wizards the lead,” Johnson said.

“Glenn, how about the defensive intensity since that timeout?” Rouhier said. “A bunch of open jumpers, a bunch of staring and looking at each other, since then, hedging out on screens, getting after it, a couple deflections, and some easy buckets in transition.”

“You know, during that timeout, Danny, what Randy Wittman said is, really to their front court players, ‘Guys, you’re gonna have to get out, forget about giving them space, you can’t do it anymore, you’ve got to play them like their guards,’” Consor said.

Bradley Beal dunk call:

“We regret to inform the entire city of Portland that you have been dunked on.”

Rouhier Doing Consor Impression:

And of course, Rouhier wouldn’t have been true to Rouhier if he hadn’t worked in a little of his Glenn Consor impression; ultimately, the inspiration for his guest appearance. This time though, Rouhier was prompted.

“Give me some of that impression,” Dave Johnson said. “Again, the impersonation of Glenn Consor.”

“Well here’s the thing, Dave, you can’t ask for just some. If you’re gonna do it, you gotta actually do the thing, because, listen, I like John Wall, what he does, he dribbles the thing. If you run with the ball, that’s traveling, and if you travel, you need an agent, and I don’t have an agent anymore, but if anybody out there is an agent, Glenn Consor needs an agent.”

“That’s gonna get me through the rest of the season,” Johnson laughed.

Rouhier with the Zingers:

“You gotta understand,” Consor said. “On the plane, Dave’s got a collection of sitcoms and detective shows from the 50’s.”

“What’s wrong with Dick Van Dyke?” Johnson asked.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it,” Consor said. “But I think you’re like an NIH experiment. I think you were born in the 40’s and nobody’s told me yet.”

“Well Dave, how do you lug your Betamax player onto the plane like that?”

Dave and Glenn Have Trouble Saying ‘Rouhier’:

“Let me tell you something,” Johnson said. “Now that I’ve had to say your name for four quarters, it’s a tough name to say because you’ve got to get a lot of energy into it.”

“You do?” Consor asked.

“You do,” Johnson said. “You say it.”

“Danny Rouhier,” Consor demonstrated.

“What’s wrong with that?” he said to his laughing broadcast partners. “What is wrong with that?”

“It just sounds like you’re on your way to drop something off,” Rouhier said. “Ya’ know what I mean, like you’re bored.”

“Yea, but Dave says it like his head’s gonna explode.”

All in all, Dave and Glenn seemed to enjoy Rouhier’s presence.

Wizards fans seemed to enjoy the addition as well, at least if Dave’s Twitter timeline is any indication …

Head over to Monumental Network for more from the broadcast.


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