by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – About a month ago, Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche sparked an internet blaze with a photo of him outdoors, lugging what appeared to be a slain mountain lion over his shoulders.

Animal rights advocates aside, everyone seemed to unanimously agree this was the manliest photo ever posted, featuring a professional baseball player and how he spends his offseason.

LaRoche joined the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, and went a little more in-depth about the kill.

Warning: male readers may come away feeling inadequate:

LaRoche said he bagged the mountain lion with a bow in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where his two brothers live, and where the three LaRoches recently opened a chophouse restaurant, “Everybody was up there skiing, which obviously I can’t do that during the season, so I was gonna try to find an excuse to get up in the mountains and go hunting. It happened to be mountain lion season and it worked out.”

“It was intense,” he said of the primal act of hunting and killing a mountain lion, which could rip a human to shreds. “It’s probably the most physical hunt I’ve ever been on, as far as walking at 10,000 feet and two feet of snow, I found out real quick how out of shape I was.”

“You’re pretty close when its’ go-time,” LaRoche said of his proximity to the lion. “You’re up close and personal. I was doing it with a bow.”

“The problem is, you don’t want to screw that up, because that could go bad really quick,” he said.

“When you come up over the hill, and you’re eye-to-eye with that mountain lion — which I happened to be at about 25 yards — and it gets your blood flowing, to say the least,” LaRoche described his encounter with a living mountain lion — an encounter from which one of them was unlikely to walk away — as he reached back with the might of a man who can hit a baseball 400 feet, to release an arrow that stands as his last line of defense from a natural predator roaming the earth in it’s natural habitat with a comparative speed advantage in feet of snow.

As it turns out, Buck Commander has posted a few other hunting photos — some featuring Adam LaRoche, and others featuring Adam LaRoche with cast members from “Duck Dynasty” — to it’s Facebook Page (there’s a further television tie-in to all of this — more on that later).

LaRoche Shot Show

Adam LaRoche with a couple of bucks. (Credit: Buck Commander on Facebook)

La Roche Duck

‘Rochey’ doing a little duck huntin. (Credit: Buck Commander on Facebook)

LaRoche Duck Dynasty guys

LaRoche with at least one “Duck Dynasty” guy. (Credit: Buck Commander on Facebook)


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