by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Legendary Redskins coach and three-time Super Bowl winner Joe Gibbs made an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday evening, as show host Stephen Colbert sought out his potential of playing quarterback in the NFL.

Colbert sat down with Gibbs to pick his brain about the quarterback position, and see if he had what it takes to make the NFL his “fallback position.”

This mockumentary-style interview featured the same sarcastic ‘I’m joking but I’m not joking (but also, I’m joking)’ type of wit Colbert’s been perfecting for years.

It begins with Colbert awkwardly, and mistakenly, identifying Gibbs as “Broadway Joe,” the nickname commonly associated with Hall of Fame Jets quarterback Joe Namath.

“Coach, thanks so much for talking to me today. It’s a real honor,” Colbert said.

“You go it. Pleasure to be here,” Gibbs said.

“Coach Joe Gibbs,” Colbert said slow and rhythmically. “Broadway Joe.”

“That was another guy,” Gibbs said.

“Alright, so you’re not ‘Broadway Joe?’” Colbert said.

“I’m not Broadway,” Gibbs said.

“Okay, hold on one second,” Colbert said, head turning to whisper to a producer off-camera. “Was ‘Broadway Joe’ not available? He’s not. Did we call? Did we really call? I need you to call. I’m so sorry, so sorry. We’re wasting this good man’s time. Can we get anyone else? No? This is it?”

“Well once again, what an honor,” Colbert said, turning back to Gibbs.

“I can tell,” Gibbs smiled.

“You’re obviously a legend in the game of football, if I may call it that, but what do you do with your time these days?” Colbert finally commenced the interview.

“Mostly, a lot of it’s ministry and racing cars,” Gibbs said.

“Do you do those together? Do you ever minister in a race car?” Colbert asked.

At the conclusion of the interview session, Gibbs joined Colbert and renowned quarterbacks coach Steve Clarkson on a football field to give the talk show host a “crash course in quarterbacking,” although, that may not have gone so well.

The whole thing was awesome, whether you’re a Colbert fan; Skins fan; both; or none.

Watch below:

The Colbert Report
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