Side-by-Side: Rob Ford’s House Looks Like Lurch’s Childhood Home

by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach
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On the left: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's home. On the right: Lurch's childhood home, where he walked in on Ernie pummeling it. (Credit:

On the left: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s home. On the right: Lurch’s childhood home, where he walked in on Ernie pummeling it. (Credit:

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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) - Photos recently surfaced on the web of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s home, and it looks just like Lurch’ childhood home.

That is to say, a little bit Hairk-ting.

In a Lanham long, long ago, Lurch lived with Peggy in the quaint Lanham home featured on the right in the above photo.

One fated day, young, 7-year-old Lurch (I suppose he was going by Larry at this point, which is the name he wrote on his school papers just because he like the sound of it — his real name is Jason) walked down into the basement in search of his mother.

Down there, he found Peggy, legs pointed toward the ceiling in some sort of exercise, I suppose, working with her exercise partner at the time, Ernie.

I’m not sure if Rob Ford lives with a workout partner.

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