by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Seahawks and Broncos prepare to battle it out for the NFL’s most coveted prize – the Lombardi Trophy – in two weeks, a guy who’s played for both teams, Redskins’ lineman Tyler Polumbus, joined Grant and Danny and 106.7 The Fan for a little compare and contrast session.

Only problem is, it was difficult to notice anything he said about a team not named the Seattle Seahawks, because he was just so darned enthusiastic about his two seasons in Seattle, and playing for Pete Carroll, and anything that had to do with Seattle.

Listen to Polumbus, as he seems to get lost in the thought of Seattle, in describing how impeccable their training facility is.

“That place is kind of the Taj Mahal of NFL facilities,” Polumbus said on Tuesday.

“It’s just got the nicest stuff, the facility is beautiful, the weight room is beautiful, everything is perfect,” he said. “You’re sitting there right on a lake that you eat your lunch, overlooking a lake looking into an island, and it’s just a really cool place.”

His appreciation for the Seahawks organization didn’t stop with the facilities.

Polumbus was in Seattle during Carroll’s first two seasons coaching in the NFL ranks.

“I know one thing that everybody knows about Pete Carroll is that he’s just an enthusiastic guy, and he’s one of those guy that, he’s just wired all day, 24/7, and he’s very positive, he brings a lot of energy,” Polumbus said.

“Every day you’d come into work and it’s kind of just like a party, there’d be music blaring every time you’d walk into a meeting, and he’d keep that music blaring for a few minutes and then he’d turn it off,” he said. “He’d usually have some funny video clip from YouTube or something, you know, he’s just a very eccentric human being that is all over the place.

“I think that he’s rubbed off onto the team, and you see all those coaches running up and down the sideline and all acting like they’re playing in youth football, just jumping up and down. That drives a lot of people across the league nuts, but that’s the exact type of culture that Pete’s trying to establish out there, and it’s worked for him.”

Man, Seattle sounds great. Pete Carroll sounds great.


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