LEESBURG, Va. (CBSDC) — When someone runs afoul of the law you call 911. But when the problem literally is fowl you call the Geese Police.

These special type of police officers — with four legs and an intimidating look — are called in when geese leave too much behind on parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and athletic fields.

Cathy Benedict and the Geese Police of VA train Border Collies to properly control the geese on their clients’ properties.

The problem is a serious one: Canadian geese defecate on average of once every eight minutes, Benedict says.

The Geese Police motto — “Call us to Get the Flock Out!” — is as much a business pitch as it is a helpful warning. When nesting, geese can become aggressive toward humans and turn violent, Benedict said.

“The male will attack you. He will break your bones,” she warns.

That’s why Border Collies, with their unique stalk and a wolf-like glance called the “eye”, are used to keep geese from doing their business. Geese view the dogs as predators and although the dogs never touch the geese, the flock gets the message and soon finds someplace else to loiter, according to the Geese Police website.

The Geese Police currently house three working Border Collies, a gaggle of Indian Runner ducks and six Katahdin (shedding) sheep. The animals train on two fields, two ponds, and an obstacle course for the collies to work the ducks through.

WNEW’s Kevin Patrick contributed to this report. Follow him on Twitter.


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