WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Trucks, helicopters and drones are the go-to vehicles for the modern U.S. military.

So why not combine all three?

That’s the reasoning  behind the Black Night Transformer being developed by Advanced Tactics, a California company specializing in military vehicles.

It’s designed to rescue wounded soldiers from the battlefield without endangering helicopter pilots and medical personnel.

With eight movable rotors, the unmanned vehicle can swoop down, the soldier would crawl into a protected crate and the Black Night would either fly away or fold its rotors and drive to safety.

The program is being developed at the behest of the Pentagon, which is looking for robot vehicles that can be used in the place of humans in dangerous conditions.

Advanced Tactics has successfully tested the driving ability of its robot vehicle.

Next month it will put the flying part through rigorous testing.

If successful, the military says the vehicle could also be used to bring cargo to troops even in the midst of a firefight.


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