LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Robert Griffin III would have been better served to ignore critics and not respond with an out-of-the-norm statement on Facebook. Instead, the Washington Redskins quarterback finds himself back in the white-hot media spotlight after lashing over criticism about everything ranging from the sleeve he wears on game days to his shopping trips to Walmart.

In his defense, a lot of the negativity hurled in Griffin’s direction is undeserved.

“If you want to criticize his play and what he’s accountable for on the field, we can do that,” Danny Rouhier said Monday on ‘Grant and Danny’ on 106.7 The Fan. “But the idea that he was somehow penalized, is being selfish because he did everything he could to work his way back on the field. The idea that he’s the villain for trying to compete for his team. The fact that he took commercials and did these things is why they lost. The fact that he gets along with the owner is why they couldn’t tackle or execute special teams at even a basic, average NFL level. I thought that stuff was unfair. The criticism levied on Robert Griffin III started after the injury and didn’t stop.”

It can all wear you down. There’s no question about that.

“But you have to walk away,” Rouhier adds.

Paulsen, who has regularly covered Griffin as the Redskins beat reporter for the station since the Heisman Trophy winner was drafted in 2012, agrees with his co-host.

The 25-year-old radio personality makes a conscious decision not to indulge in the comments posted online about himself. Paulsen, while admitting he’s “small potatoes” compared to Griffin, cited a recent article written about him in The Washington Post.

He read it and saw there were hundreds of comments below the Dan Steinberg-crafted piece, but opted not to read them. This is a matter of routine for the young host who also avoids trade rumor and gossip websites like the plague.

Paulsen says there’s no reason for Griffin’s rant to have garnered the attention it has.

“But,” he says, “when you’re Robert Griffin there are no non-stories.”


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