by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Washington Redskins embark on a new journey with Jay Gruden, it seems the impossible has happened: the Redskins fanbase has emerged from the Shanahan era hardened.

Typically when the team hires a head coach – at least since Dan Snyder has owned the team – the general feeling around town seems to be, along with a new coach comes a clean slate and renewed faith in the Redskins’ future.

Things seem different this time around.

Perhaps it was the bruised eye Mike Shanahan left on the face of this fiercely loyal fanbase.

He delivered a lethal one-two combination of blistering optimism with one hand – backed by the force that hiring a coach who’d won Super Bowls, but still was a relative unknown to this area, brings – and a whopping dose of hopelessness with the other.

It just so happens, it took him four years to land the second one, but make no mistake, the fanbase didn’t see it coming, and they’re still staggering.

If the guy who’d won two Super Bowls can’t win here, who can?

Nevertheless, that renewed sense of hope, which was supposed to come with Gruden’s hiring, just doesn’t feel as intoxicating as it otherwise would.

You’ll still find your run-of-the-mill blind homer informing everyone around the water cooler Jay Gruden will be different; that he has a ‘special feeling’ about this guy.

Just as you’ll have the boundless pessimist who finds the negative in every signing, trade or coaching hire, and who’s currently telling you ‘Just give it time. Snyder will ruin him too.’

Bottom line is, it feels like there’s less of each extreme, and an overabundance of everyone in between.

We’ve entered the ‘Show me first, then we’ll talk’ era, where fans will go to the games, but they’re leaving their pompoms at home.

Fortunately, it’s still just as fun to have a laugh at the expense of the polar extremes.

In this particular instance, we’ll direct our attention to someone from the Negative Nancy camp; a caller who voiced his humorously macabre take on the state of the Redskins franchise.

“And what I can’t understand is, anybody’s optimism about this team anymore when Dan Snyder is the owner,” said Chris in Manassas to 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner on Saturday. “Because frankly, I can’t see them ever winning, ever again, until he sells. And if he never sells, get comfortable for the next 40 to 50 years until he dies.”

You can experience the ride the entire wave of emotions by listening to the segment below.


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