by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Budding television star Kevin McCarthy recently departed employment from CBS Radio, to take a full-time position over at Fox 5.

Ever since, the kid has been on television more times than I can count (because I’m not good at math and only have two hands).

Every morning when you turn on your television, whether to check the weather or find out where you can rescue a local puppy in need of a loving family, there he is; Kevin McCarthy, the full-fledged entertainment reporter, either in replay of an interview he’s conducted with an A-list celebrity, or hosting an in-studio musical guest in town to perform later that evening.

If you’ve ever spoken with him for any length of time longer then ten minutes, you’ve realized two things: he has an encyclopedic amount of knowledge of movies, and Hal is more than likely in the house.

But, I’ll bet you’ve never realized he can use that powerful, weird brain of his for more than just reviewing flicks, Ricks….

In. Out. And $13, 200 richer.

I guess he’s no longer living the nubbs life, being all down to the felt.

[H/T @Htrap7711, @BeerandBall]


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