by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Washington Redskins will announce the hiring of Jay Gruden as their next head coach later this afternoon, ushering in a new regime, and a new era for the burgundy and gold.

Gruden will be tasked, first and foremost, with correcting the course of disenfranchised franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III moving forward; publicly shamed — right or wrong — by former coach Mike Shanahan as he made his exit from Washington.

But it’s no short order for Griffin either, who will now have to repair his image as he attempts to return to the level of play he attained in his rookie season, when he won Offensive Rookie of the Year and led the Redskins to a division championship in 2012.

Former running back Clinton Portis says that starts with focusing on football this offseason, which involves staying out of the media (at least, as much as possible).

“I just think for him, I think you should just get the focus, just stay out of the media, and get the focus back on the football,” Portis told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny on Wednesday, prior to Gruden being hired. “I think he has too much talent to let it go to waste and battling with the media, because he will never be right. And I think the sooner he comes to that understanding, and puts focus on working with his teammate and making sure his teammates understand and accept him, then things will be fine.”

Portis — who was believed to be close with Redskins owner Dan Snyder during his time in Washington — was asked about the similar perception of Griffin being too close to Snyder, the effect that may have on a locker room, and to clarify what it even means to be ‘tight with Dan Snyder.’

“I have no idea,” Portis said. “When I hung with Mr. Snyder it was at that facility, or if I was at his house, the team was at his house.”

“I think so many people blow out of proportion being tight with Dan Snyder,” Portis went on. “What? Because Robert’s going to speak with Dan before the game, or after the game, or, you know, what’s the access? What do you want your star player and your owner to do? Not talk at all? Would you rather them have Haynesworth and Mr. Snyder’s relationship, where you say these two don’t get along? So, I would think for Robert it’s best to be tight with Mr. Snyder, but I would think Pierre Garcon and Alfred Morris and Santana Moss to be tight with Mr. Snyder as well, because those guys are keys to helping the Washington Redskins win.

“When I was last told, I didn’t know Mr. Snyder was even involved in practice enough to say someone was tight. You know, what is Robert gonna sit in his office after practice every day.”


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