by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – It’s almost cute — definitely hysterical — whenever Jason’s imagination begins running wild with the innocence of a child (who can’t read), for something that will likely be a reality in the not so distant future.

Four states have already passed legislation to legally welcome the future of autonomous cars, which have surpassed the production stage, and in some cases, already reached the roadways in testing.

Lurch, who can barely use a computer, doesn’t know how to type, can’t comprehend the relationship between the internet and WiFi (one being a product of the other), and to this day, still has yet to figure out how to upload songs to his iPod, does not agree with this accurate assessment.

“Hold on, now when you say they drive themselves,” Lurch, the donk, said when the topic  was broached on the Junkies on Wednesday.  “So you’re telling me that you can just start the car, and just take a nap, and it will get you from home to work?”

“Yea,” EB replied. “It drives you.”

“There’s no way they’re going to allow that thing,” Lurch argued with a great deal of ignorance on his side. “They’re not going to allow that thing on the roads.”

“I’m not inventing it, I’m telling you they’ve been working on it for years,” EB said.

“Alright, they might be working on it, but there’s no way,” Lurch said.

“They have models that can do it now in little tracks,” EB responded.

“I understand that, but there’s no way, state by state, they’re going to allow that on the roads,” Lurch said.

In May 2012, Nevada passed legislation for autonomous cars, quickly followed by Florida in July 2012. California passed similar legislation that September, then Michigan in 2013.

They’ve literally been allowing it state by state.

“Not in our lifetime,” Lurch concluded. “No way in our lifetime.”

He’s probably right.


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