by Chris Lingebach
Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. (Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. (Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Redskins continue to sift through the piles of NFL coordinators looking for advancement in search of their next head coach, everyone in D.C. media is lending their perspective.

John Feinstein has long covered the Redskins as a Washington Post columnist, and never spares feelings or fan emotions when doling out what he believes to be the truth in what’s good for the franchise, and as such, never has had a problem directing proper blame toward people within the franchise when things go off the rails.

The 2013 season definitely went off the rails, and Feinstein remained adamant throughout Shanahan’s final season that the Redskins should be looking for a new head coach afterward.

So who does he want to fill the vacancy in Washington?

“Mike Zimmer,” Feinstein told the Junkies on Friday. “And Hue Jackson 1A.”

“I just think the guy’s a really good football coach,” he said of Zimmer. “The Bengals are always good on defense, he is highly-respected by the players who play under him on the defensive side of the football. He’s a guy who has football in perspective. You know he lost his wife a few years ago, so he’s not gonna come in with this ‘football is life and death’ garbage like a Shanahan. And I just think he’s a guy who has been overlooked and deserves a chance.”

Zimmer has been the defensive coordinator in Cincinnati since 2008, has formerly won NFL assistant coach of the year honors from various sports publications, and reportedly has the Vikings and Lions showing interest in him as a head coaching candidate.

“The reason I say Hue Jackson 1A, is because he got great reviews before he got the Raiders job and then got fired after one year,” Feinstein said. “Who in the heck can make a serious judgment on whether he’s a good head coach or not?”

There was one last piece of Redskins’ advice from Feinstein:

“And stay as far away from Cowher and anyone named Gruden.”

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