Brooks Laich & Cakes Become Better Buddies in EB’s Absence

by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – The friendly nature of the on-air relationship between Brooks Laich of the Capitals and EB of the Junkies has been well-documented.

When the two address each other, there’s just an obvious chemistry, and a serious influx of the word ‘buddy’ bandied about by Laich speaks to that chemistry.

It’s kind of weird, definitely subtle, but also hysterical once you’re aware of it, and listen to each interview anticipating that coveted ‘buddy’ mention.

But with the Junkies still in flux from the holiday schedule, not having yet returned to full force, Cakes found himself on the receiving end of Laich’s friendliness in EB’s absence, and perhaps we’re witnessing the start of a new budding relationship.

You want a narrative?

Here’s your narrative: Cakes is moving in on EB’s man, speaking strictly in platonic terms of course.

Maybe he was just palling around. But it seems more than that.

It seems another piece to the puzzle of Brooks apparently shifting ‘favorite Junkie’ status to Cakes, a feeling which first presented itself when Brooks boldly and publicly announced he would be Cakes’ friend, when Cakes sadly declared that he had none. Why, it feels like just yesterday when Brooks first told EB ‘I like you, buddy.’ Then there was the time EB and Brooks exchanged tales of holiday shopping, an interaction which carried perhaps the friendliest of all ‘buddy’ drops to-date.

So in honor of the traditional media practice of over-parsing way too few words; it seems almost as if Laich has moved on from EB in maintaining his weekly ‘buddy’ utterance, even in EB’s absence.

The sacred gift – the signature of Laich’s friendship – has been passed on.

Talking to Brooks about his Verizon commercial with Alex Ovechkin which aired during the NHL’s Winter Classic on Wednesday, Cakes brought up the time Laich filmed a local commercial with the Junkies.

“Brooks, be honest,” Cakes said. “It’s probably your second favorite commercial behind the Latisys spot that you shot with the Junkies a couple year ago, right?”

Brooks’ response: “Yea, it’s a distant second to that one buddy, eh?”


While EB’s just sitting at home.

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Cakes and Brooks just continue to grow closer.

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Gonna be brutal when EB finds out.

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More as it develops…

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