by Chris Lingebach
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Reflecting back on the Redskins’ season in 2013 isn’t quite as painless a task as it was the season prior.

No division championships.  No playoff appearances. And now, not even a head coach.

This season also saw the rise and fall of Robert Griffin III, and his transformation from media darling to villain; likely founded on Griffin’s overexposure while he recovered from offseason knee surgery.

But Bomani Jones is of the mind to think such a crash from society’s good graces was all too predictable.

“I saw this coming awhile ago,” Jones told 106.7 The Fan’s Danny Rouhier on Thursday.

“The turn was on the way,” he said. “There was so much built up around Griffin, and I still contend that a big part of the reason why Griffin became so big, so fast, even going back to his last year in college, was that he wasn’t Cam Newton; that people needed somebody who wasn’t Cam Newton, because that was the villain that you had before. Robert wasn’t Cam Newton. Robert was a lot cleaner in background and everything else, he just wasn’t Cam Newton.”

“Then you look around this year and you realize ‘Man, he ain’t Cam Newton,'” Jones continued. “He just completely flipped on him totally. And then, I think part of it was, you know, the emphasis on the comeback and everything that came with it. The other part is, that boy ain’t got no back-down in him. Whether you like it or not, he’s not backing down for you. He has a spectacular level of confidence in a way that kind of makes a lot of people uncomfortable.”

“But, to pretend as though what happened to that franchise you got there, as if it’s his fault, is ridiculous,” Jones specified.


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