By Kevin Ross II
The sound at Fedex Field was equivalent to thunder when Robert Griffin III made his grandiose debut to open the 2013 season on Monday night football. The rest of the season however, never again replicated that kind of excitement.

The 2013 season began with high expectations, but it was quickly hampered by an infamous knee brace, an epically bad special teams unit, a defense that didn’t subscribe to tackling and more scandals than the U.S. government.

Things finally came to a conclusion on Monday morning, as the team announced that Head Coach Mike Shanahan would be relieved of duty. This means the next crucial move for the organization will be to  select a head coach who will get the most out of Robert Griffin, turn the defense around and bring a winning culture back to Washington DC.

Baylor University Alumni Mike Singletary would make an excellent head coach. He is a fiery coach who won’t tolerate losing and built a defense that was ranked third in 2012 and fifth in the NFL this season.

When Singletary took over for the San Francisco 49ers, the once proud organization was an afterthought to the rest of the NFL. The 49ers were a joke of a franchise compiling six consecutive losing seasons. Singletary used the next two years to analyze the teams problems, get rid of the “me first” attitude that was inhabited by his locker room, and he used the NFL draft to add a few dynamic pieces most noticeably Michael Crabtree, and perhaps the league’s best linebacker NaVorro Bowman who he selected in the third round. He made franchise altering changes, but the results had not yet shown on the field.

Singletary was fired after only two seasons as the head coach. The organization was adamant that his record of 18-22 was not good enough. But what Singletary did cannot be measured in wins and losses.  He changed the loser mentality that San Francisco had become accustomed to, he built a roster with great depth, and his team was geared for long term success.

The very next season, Jim Harbaugh was hired from Stanford University, and he drove the bus that Singletary built all the way to the NFC championship game. And the very next year, Harbaugh took that bus to the Super Bowl.  Now Harbaugh should be given credit for his coaching ability, but the framework of the entire organization was certainly installed by Mike Singletary.  

Mike SIngletary’s efforts as head coach of the 49ers is the reason why San Francisco is once again a proud and winning organization. And you can bet, that if Singletary gets another shot to be a head coach, he’ll not only build a championship team, but this time he’ll finish the job.

Since 2011 Singletary has been the linebackers coach and assistant head coach to Leslie Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings.  However, Frazier was relieved of his duties on Monday, and Singletary’s future with the Vikings appears over.

The Redskins should stop the search and hire Mike Singletary as their head coach. And just like Singletary turned around the career of an egotistical Vernon Davis, he might be able to do the same thing for Robert Griffin III.

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Kevin Ross is a freelance writer covering all things Washington Redskins. His work can be found on


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