by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Former Redskins’ running back Clinton Portis got pulled over for a speeding violation while conducting a live phone interview on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

Portis, on with Kevin Shafer and former teammate Fred Smoot, was in the process of wrapping up the interview when he changed gears to inform the hosts he’d been pulled over.

“You all just got me a speeding ticket,” Portis said.

“No, hang on CP,” Shafer said. “Is there a police officer there?”

“Yea, it’s a police officer here,” Portis confirmed.

“No, it’s not,” Shafer said in disbelief.

“Hey, really it is,” Portis reassured him.

“Ask if we can talk to him,” Shafer pleaded.

“Put him on the phone! I need to talk to him,” Smoot shouted.

“Hold on, wait ’til he come back with this ticket,” Portis said.

Portis explained how he was on his way to the airport when he noticed a Maryland State Trooper flagging him down.

“Look like he’s calling for backup,” Portis joked from his stopped car, with the officer running his license in a cruiser to his rear.

“Hey Smoot, I got on all black and there’s some bushes next to me,” Portis laughed.

“I was gonna say, run man! Run! Get outta there!” Smoot yelled.

“So hang on, so he’s got your license right now?” Shafer inquired further.

“Yea,” Portis said. “I shouldn’t have gave him my license. I should have just hid it.”

Asked if he’s ever previously received a ticket in the D.C. area, Portis stated, “This is probably my thirtieth one.”

Clinton eventually halted the discourse by abruptly announcing, “Hold on, Mr. Trooper is back.”

Roughly three and a half years ago, another of Portis’ former teammates, Chris Cooley, found himself in a similar predicament while phoning into the Junkies.

Cooley was let off with a warning. It doesn’t sound like Clinton shared his good fortune.

Listen below as he attempts to hand the phone to the officer, explaining he has some friends that want to talk to him.


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