WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Just 4 out of 10 Americas think there should be “universal background checks” for sales at gun shows, according to a poll released by the National Sports Shooting Foundation.

The firearms industry trade association said it commissioned the poll to counter claims by gun control advocates that “9 out of 10 Americans” want some form of increased gun control.

Respondents were asked their opinion about closing the so-called gun show loophole after being told in the question that a “A vast majority of guns sold at gun shows are sold by licensed dealers who are required by federal law to conduct background checks before guns are sold. Do you believe additional federal laws like universal background checks are necessary for gun show sales?”

Put that way, 53 percent of respondents said no and another 7 percent said they didn’t know.

It is true that licensed gun dealers are already required to perform checks before selling a firearm, private sales are not subject to that federal law.

18 states restrict private sales at gun shows while the remaining 33 do not.

Larry G. Keane, a NSSF senior vice president and general counsel, says in group’s statement: “When properly informed of relevant details, it turns out that only four out of ten, not nine out of ten Americans support so-called ‘universal background checks’ at gun shows or for firearms transfers.”

The Newtown, Connecticut-based NSSF also found in its poll that 74 percent thought conducting background checks against an incomplete federal database was not effective at all or not very effective.

And 54 percent said background checks for transferring guns between friends and family members was not effective at all or not very effective in reducing violent crime.


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