by Chris Lingebach
Fans of the Dallas Cowboys cheer at FedExField. (Credit: Larry French/Getty Images)

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys cheer at FedExField. (Credit: Larry French/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the Redskins welcome the Dallas Cowboys to Landover this weekend, Washington, at 3-11, has been eliminated from playoff contention for weeks now, and Dallas, at 7-7, is still hanging onto a prayer.

With nothing else to celebrate, it seems as good a time as ever to spark up the old rivalry talk and examine some stereotypical characteristics of each fanbase.

Redskins fans have always seemed to stare down their noses at Cowboys fans living in the Washington, D.C. area, with their reasoning typically falling someplace between ‘you’ve never been to Dallas’ and more recently, verbally acknowledging Tony Romo’s perceived lack of clutch factor — both fair points.

Cowboys fans are oft-regarded as loud, obnoxious, and needlessly braggadocious; character flaws it’s not that big of a leap to assume will be on full display at FedExField on Sunday. But beyond seeing it with your own two eyes, there really isn’t a lot of tangible proof to support that stereotype.

Bring in former Redskin Anthony Armstrong, who’s had the unique perspective of playing for both franchises, and as such, has examined the tendencies of both fanbases from within their respective cities.

“Both fanbases are very diehard,” Armstrong told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny on Thursday.

“The Redskins fanbase, especially up there in that area, they are very loyal to their team,” he explained. “You notice a lot of guys always come back to the DMV because they’re always going to have some level of respect from the Redskins fans. And then up there, I noticed that when there’s Dallas fans in D.C., they’ll show it off. They don’t care. They’ll wear the stuff loud and proud and take the barrage of obscenities from Redskins fans.”

“But down here in Dallas, I’ve learned that there are Redskins fans,” Armstrong continued. “But they just kind of sneak around a little bit more quiet than the Cowboys fans who are up in D.C. Both have their positives. I definitely respect Redskins fans.”

So the following tendencies have been noted of each fanbase when in the presence of their rivals:

Cowboys fans are loud and pompous, even in the face of logic, like being verbally degraded by the opposing team’s fans.

Redskins fans are quiet and respectful of their rival’s backyard. Also, Anthony Armstrong respects them.

It’s important to make mention again that these are the tendencies as acknowledged by Anthony Armstrong, a receiver who’s played for both franchises, and who grew up in the shadows of downtown Dallas.


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