by Chris Lingebach
Mike Shanahan watches RGIII. (credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Mike Shanahan watches RGIII. (credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – What’s the best way track down the source of the seemingly endless reports that continue to spring from the Redskins locker room?

With many of the reports [see also … Shanahan Ready to Quit in 2012Shanahan Won’t ResignShanahan Won’t Deny Report … ]pointing to what’s become an untenable relationship between head coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Robert Griffin III, the task of tracing them back to their original source isn’t an exact science.

That doesn’t mean you can’t draw a conclusion with relative certainty it’s correct.

So let’s play reporter for a second.

How does one nail down the culprit leaking these reports to the media?

Let’s bring in Mike Jones of the Washington Post – who joined 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny on Wednesday – to explain his method for narrowing the possibilities.

Jones was asked if he had any doubt that Shanahan’s camp has put out some of the stories.

“Oh there’s no doubt at all,” Jones said. “I mean if you just look at where it’s coming from and some of the elements in the story, there are things that only certain people would know.”

Jones, speaking strictly hypothetically, then likened tracking down the source of the leaks to that of solving a murder.

“Say it’s like the three of us. We go and kill somebody and hide them in the woods,” Jones said, again, hypothetically. “And we know, look, I know Danny didn’t tell, I know Holden didn’t tell, so it’s gotta be one other guy. So there is reason to believe that a lot of this stuff is coming from Shanahan.”

Now we must determine a motive.

Is there any motivating factor for Mike Shanahan that’s greater than trying to make himself appear as the victim of typical Redskins turmoil?

“Well I think that that’s the main reason, because obviously you’re trying to save face,” Jones explained. “He probably would like to continue coaching somewhere, Kyle obviously wants to go on to something better, but if you have this disaster of a campaign with three double-digit loss seasons in a four-year span, where you have this terrible situation, despite having last year’s offensive Rookie of the Year, and nothing is working and everything is falling apart all around you, then obviously he’s going to try to have some blame games going on there.

“So that way, if you sit down for an interview and somebody says ‘Well what happened with this?’ you can be like ‘Hey, well didn’t you see all that stuff? Not my problem. I was doing what I could, but that was an unmanageable situation that I was in.’ And so that’s why it looks like that would be the motivation, if I had to guess, putting these reports out there.”

Final thoughts?

“Whether it’s true or not, he sure sells it,” Jones concluded.


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