by Chris Lingebach
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole joined the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan to defend his report indicating people within the Redskins organization have grown weary of Robert Griffin III’s inability to listen to instruction.

The report citing multiple team sources indicates a confluence of Griffin’s hardheadedness and his interfering father have contributed to him being perceived as uncoachable by the Redskins’ staff.

Cole did admit to the Junkies that he was “slightly off” in describing one example of such behavior – in which he explained how Griffin brushed off quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur on the sideline of a game, although Cole explained, he was only wrong about where that conversation took place, as LaFleur was in the box overlooking the field, but that the conversation did in fact take place.

But the most striking implication of Cole’s report, perhaps, was that Griffin’s father, Robert Griffin Jr., has so actively inserted himself into organizational affairs that it’s impeded his son’s development and rapport with the Redskins’ coaching staff.

“I know that he’s politicked them to hire Art Briles, who is RGIII’s coach from Baylor,” Cole rehashed a pivotal detail of his report to the Junkies.

“I think he thinks that that’s the solution,” Cole said. “I think he believes that Mike Shanahan is out, or at least he wants to help encourage Mike Shanahan out the door based on how things are going here over the last couple of weeks, and really over most of the last year. So he’s planted that idea firmly in the Redskins’ heads hoping that that will happen, I think he’s also been sort of interfering in his own way with the lines of communication between his son and the coaching staff. That one, I don’t know exactly what he’s saying to his son – those are private conversations – but the interpretation from people on the staff with the Redskins is he gets in the way.”

Griffin Jr.’s involvement was compared to being in the same stratosphere as the late Earl Woods, who notoriously guided his son Tiger’s career well into adulthood, although, as Cole points out, that comparison has lingered from Griffin’s time at Baylor.

“There’s lots of dads who are very involved,” Cole said. “Some of them don’t know where the line is to stop and it’s really, really hard for them.”

“And some of them live vicariously, and I think that he’s living a little bit vicariously through his son,” Cole continued. “And understanding there’s a point where you have to just allow your son to be coached at the higher levels and back away from it.”


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