by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – London Fletcher issued a call to Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan to hash things while announcing his retirement, likely to take place following the 2013 season, on Wednesday.

Fletcher, perhaps the most respect veteran in the Redskins’ locker room, said the team has lacked consistency at the head coaching position in the 14 years Snyder has owned the franchise, including all seven of his seasons as a Redskin.

“The way I look at it, I think coach Shanahan is a great coach,” Fletcher said. “Any player who’s played for him, probably 95 percent of the guys who played for him, would love playing for him. “

“As I look at the current situation, I think coach Shanahan is definitely the right guy,” he said. “I think Mr. Snyder would be wise to let him see things through. Obviously there’s going to have to be some changes made because right now we’ve won three ballgames. Even if we win these next two, we’ll have five games, so there is change that needs to take place, but I don’t think it needs to be with the head coach.”

“I feel like he’s the right guy for it,” Fletcher reiterated. “I think coach Shanahan will have to have a conversation with Mr. Snyder at the end of the year, let them get some time, maybe a week or two, let the season get past them, and let them two just get into a room and really say ‘Hey, What’s the situation? How do we move forward? How do we get this thing right?’”

“One of the things that hasn’t happened around here in Washington since Mr. Snyder has owned this football team, there’s been no stability at the head coach position,” he continued. “You’re talking about I think now on the seventh head coach in what, 14 years I think since he’s owned the team?”

London continued to state his case for Shanahan returning to coach the Redskins in 2014, noting the consistency of recent Super Bowl-winning teams such as the Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots as proof the model works, and the Redskins in kind should stick to their current path.

Shanahan will be entering the fifth and final year of his contract with Redskins if he survives this season.

Fletcher then further championed Shanahan by saying he should be extended to avoid a lame duck status next season.

“I also think it would be hard to do with just one year left on his deal,” Fletcher said. “You’re looking at a coach as a one-year deal, I mean most people like ‘Is he a lame duck?’ So I think you should extend him, as crazy as that may sound, but I think you extend him to let him continue to build this thing the right way.”



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