By Kevin Ross II

“Every time you lose, you die a little bit. You die inside … not all of your organs, maybe just your liver.” This iconic quote said by the icon George Allen described his endearing hatred for losing. A hatred that is unfortunately unmatched by the modern day Washington Redskins who seem to embrace losing as much as Allen despised it.

When the final whistle blows Redskins supporters are usually bursting at the seams with agony; fights and even brawls break out on the way to the parking lots.  All while the players laugh, joke, and carry on with all types of shenanigans in the locker room as if playing football is just another part time gig.

Win or lose, these players still get paid a hefty amount and the game becomes simply a source of revenue for the average player. So with Dallas week here, don’t think for one second that these players care as much about this rivalry as you do.  The facts are they simply don’t. For the most part, players such as Kirk Cousins who went to high school in Michigan, or Alfred Morris who grew up in Pensacola Florida have no history or deep rooted hatred for Dallas, it’s simply another divisional opponent.

But here’s where you, the fans come in play.  When players show up for game day, they can absolutely sense fan excitement or a lack thereof. The worst showing of the season this year came against the Kansas City Chiefs where the home team was embarrassed. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the team’s worst effort in years, coincided with the worst fan showing in years?

But in the same breath, this is also the reason why games against the Cowboys seem to garner the players’ best efforts; it’s because the fans bring their best efforts.  This is something that the Seattle Seahawks swear by on the West Coast.  The notion that a strong passionate fanbase; a twelfth man that takes its job seriously can alter the outcome of an NFL game.

So here is a cry to the fans, don’t sell your tickets to Cowgirl supporters but instead show up in droves to support the burgundy and gold.  You’re not doing it for the players, you’re certainly not doing it for the coaching staff, but you’re doing it for Redskins nation.  You’re doing it for all of those fans in the past, who have died just a little bit on the inside, following a loss.

When the offseason rolls around will players such as David Amerson take a break from the beaches of Tahiti to remember this Sunday’s game against Dallas? Probably not.  But will you the fans remember for a year straight that you helped to eliminate Dallas from playoff contention? A loud “Yes!” is the answer, and that’s what the fan experience is all about.  Come out and support the team, and maybe this time it will be Dallas who is dying just a little bit on the inside.

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Kevin Ross is a freelance writer covering all things Washington Redskins. His work can be found on


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