by Chris Lingebach
Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – On Wednesday, Jason La Canfora elected to go with poker terminology in saying Mike Shanahan had shoved “all-in” on Dan Snyder by benching Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the 2013 season.

Thursday night was just brutal hard truth, with La Canfora completing the haranguing of Shanahan that he began earlier in the week.

La Canfora was asked by Don Geronimo on 106.7 The Fan if he’d ever seen a team fall apart in such an entertaining way like the Redskins this week.

What began as La Canfora at a loss for words in describing the madness surrounding Redskins Park, quickly evolved into a three-minute tongue-lashing of Shanahan, with La Canfora poking holes in every excuse the Redskins’ head coach has given himself – as to why his team has failed him in 2013 – with particular regard for the report claiming Snyder has undermined Shanahan’s power.

He really left no stone unturned here.

“No, it’s bizarre, it’s absolutely bizarre theater,” La Canfora told Geronimo. “It’s like must-see TV. If their games were half as compelling as their press conferences, they’d be alright. I’ve never seen anything like it, Don. You have a guy who is, I’ve never seen anyone so willing to just passively aggressively push an owner’s buttons, try to keep moving the meter, begging this guy to fire him. It’s unbelievable.”

“I feel bad for Dan Snyder and I covered that team for a while, and I think it would shock a lot of people to say that, but I truly feel like he pretty much came as close as he maybe could ever come to doing it the right way, still somewhat on his terms, and it has become a complete abomination.

“And the idea that he is the primary perpetrator blows my mind, because there are plenty of people in that building who don’t like Dan Snyder, who feel like in the past he’s really, really messed stuff up, being even those guys were like ‘Dude, Dan was at arm’s length for this whole regime.’ Dan heard from Mike what Mike wanted to tell him. And Dan would have to go through Bruce sometimes to get information back-and-forth to Mike, and it was just a very cold business relationship.

“And Mike had an ironclad contract. And if Mike didn’t want a certain guy in the building, if Mike didn’t want a certain trade to be made – whether it be for the 53rd man on the roster or absolutely for the starting quarterback – there was no way it was gonna happen. And if you tried to usurp his power, and you tried to circumvent his contract, or tried to do something on the personnel side without him okay’ing it, then he would have that contract to show to his lawyer and say ‘Fire me right now then.’

“And back when the RGIII trade was made, it would have been $21 million left on his deal. ‘Okay Dan, you want to make this trade, great. I’m not cool with it, so we need to have a talk about how we move forward.’

“I mean, this guy had complete control of the organization to the point where his son is the offensive coordinator, he gets his son a $1.5 million contract just for 2014, money that he’ll get paid to do nothing, it’s all cronyism up and down the staff. It’s a one-man army, and now suddenly that it’s fallen apart, it was everybody else but Mike Shanahan. Okay.”

Listen to the clip below.


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