Dan Snyder Stayed Overnight in a Hospital with Fred Smoot

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Former Redskins Fred Smoot and Shawn Springs joined the Junkies in-studio for their annual drink-infused holiday show on Friday.

While there was much hilarity to be had, at least one moment of sincerity did come from Smoot, in telling a story of Dan Snyder, came from their more than sixty minutes on the show.

Smoot recalled spending a night in a Dallas hospital after suffering a bruised kidney, which he says was gifted to him from Sean Taylor, but he wasn’t alone that evening, although he did miss the Redskins’ team flight back to Washington.

He had the Snyders to keep him company.

“Now you said you had a surgery and Dan was there,” Smoot was asked.

“Dan stayed with me in Dallas,” Smoot began.

“He rubbed pudding on his chest,” Springs joked.

“No he didn’t,” Smoot denied. “Dan stayed with me in Dallas. His sister stayed with me and his wife stayed with me overnight in Dallas because I couldn’t fly back on the flight, because Sean Taylor had bruised my kidney.

“I have said on-air I think he has Aspergers; like I think he has a social disorder,” EB said.

“Aspergers?? Oh my Gawd!” Smoot exclaimed.

“Is he a normal guy,” EB asked. “I feel like he’s a nerd that’s into Dungeon and Dragons and all that.”

“First of all, y’all can’t say anything because Smoot’s gonna defend him,” Springs said.

“He has what you call a dream job,” Smoot said. “He has the dream job where he gets to hire people that he admire. You know, like, think about if you could hire people admire right now.”

“Who admires you,” Springs asked.

“Nobody,” Smoot said. “Well let’s just say if you could hire James Brown right now here, or you could hire anybody from ESPN, anybody from anywhere, you could put ‘em in your station right now and do what you want to with em. He’s that guy.”

Smoot when on to state his case for why Snyder has a bad reputation with some fans, and why he’s ultimately misunderstood.

Listen below.

Snyder Stayed with Smoot in Hospital

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